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Metal Prices by Tim Kabel gives you information about copper and aluminium prices. The prices are given in accordance with closing LME price for copper and aluminium plus published DEL stock exchange quotation +1% acquisition cost for copper. The application gives you detailed information about trends and historical copper and aluminium prices since 2002. As additional information the application shows currency exchange rate EUR/USD, and metal prices can be shown in both currencies as well. The publisher does not assume any liability for information given by the application.

LME: London Metal Exchange
DEL: Deutsches Elektrolytkupfer für Leitzwecke or German Electrolytic High-Conductivity Copper

Information is divided into five sheets:

  1. Daily view
    2. Monthly view
    3. Annual view
    4. Chart view
    5. Settings
  2. Daily view

On the Daily view, which is start page as well, after activation there is information about metal prices according to LME and DEL, and it is possible to choose the currency – euro or dollar.
By sliding to the right it is possible to quickly access to the prices from last 4 trading days, and by choosing the button in the upper right corner it is possible to access any specific date starting from year 2002.

  1. Monthly view

By opening Monthly view, new table is opening with daily metal prices for copper and aluminium for current month. On top of the window there is average metal price for chosen month. Next to each price there are two arrows: left arrow is showing price change against previous day, while the right arrow is showing relation to monthly price average. The arrows are green or red colour, while green is representing growth, and red is representing fall of the metal prices. Also in this window by sliding to the right it is coming to last 4 months data, while by pressing upper right corner button it is possible to access any month since 2002.

  1. Annual view

The Annual view is showing average metal prices for current year. By sliding to the right it is accessing to the data from last 4 years.

  1. Chart view

In this view the application is giving chart view for trends in metal prices for periods of 1 week, 1 month, 6 months and 12 months.

  1. Settings

In Settings section it is possible to choose the langauge and find the basic information about the application.