Insurance app

Program for modern business insurance brokers

Take advantage of the system tailored to your business! 
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kvacicaPrevent the loss of revenue due to the reconstruction process non-automated reconstructed process of  insurance – revenue growth up to 10%!

kvacicaPrevent the loss of part of the portfolio with a departure of an employee or  a  termination of cooperation with insurers company.

kvacicaSave time making reports for HANFA

kvacicaEnsure quality preparation of data for HANFA and escape punishment for the wrong delivery, amounting to 250,000 kn for companies and up to 50,000 kn for a responsible person, with the possibility of losing the license.

kvacicaPrevent the loss of commission with a systematic records policies and payment commissions as the basis of calculation of control – revenue growth up to 15%!

kvacicaCut other unnecessary costs and save time.

The system supports the most important business insurance administration! 

kvacicaCentral Records shelves, customers and payments

kvacicaAutomatically load external data on the shelves and payments

kvacicaInsight into skadencar and possibility of automated creation of the letter for the customers

kvacicaSupervision of the process of renewal of insurance

kvacicaThe calculation and control paid commission

kvacicaCalculate output commissions

kvacicaSimple and reliable production reports for HANFA

kvacicaReports for monitoring businesses

kvacicaOnline Storage of scanned documents and other electronic documents